Koren Morgan – President

Hi, I’m Koren a 4th year vet and your new CFAVS president! I’ve alwayPresident Korens had an interest in all things farm and can’t wait to organise lots of fun farmy talks and activities for you. Aside from vetty interests, I enjoy cake and running (but mainly so I can eat more cake…) as well as a good film. Cambridge students – don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if there is anything you’d like us to organise!


Kirsty Lang – Vice President

I’m Kirsty, a 4th year vet from Girton and your new CFAVS vice-president. I love all things farm and am really excited to help the society become even bigger and better! When I’m not doing vet stuff, I like hanging out with my friends (who tease me mercilessly for my Scottish accent) and enjoy going out running.


Daisy Morgan – Secretary

Hi, I’m Daisy, a 4th year from Queens’ and I’m the new secretary of CFAVS. In my spare time I enjoy exercising and beer. I’m really excited to be part of the committee and I can’t wait to help organise some exciting talks and practicals!


Jessie Burr – Treasurer

Hey Everyone! I’m Jess and am in my 4th year at Gonville and Caius. I’m super excited to be the CFAVS treasurer this year; a role I’ve never had before but am ready to throw everything into and hopefully learn some new skills along the way! Lucky for all the Cambridge students I’m a super foodie so will be pushing to fund the yummiest things we can at all the talks and events! In my free time, I have a 9 month old puppy who takes up most of my attention (as I’m typing this he’s got upset by my the lack of love and decided to lick all the suncream off my legs instead!) and love nothing more than taking him out on our long countryside walks… But I also do love a good old natter, so please do come say hi at out next event!

Emma Hobbs – Publicity

Hello! I’m Emma, a 3rd year from Queens’. I started off being convinced that I wanted to specialise in exotics but the more I progress, the more I realise I have no idea what area I want to focus on. I’m excited to explore the farming side of things a lot more! Aside from vetmed, I took up both pole vaulting and trampolining this year, both of which involve jumping in the air and hoping for the best.

Josh Oliver – Pre-Clinical Rep

Hi! I’m Josh, a first year at Selwyn, and I’m really excited to be involved with the CFAVS committee this year. As pre-clin rep, I’m really looking forward to helping to organise more great events for pre-clins and increase the involvement of pre-clins in CFAVS. I’ve been pretty set on farm animal practice for a while and in recent years it seems I’ve spent much more of my holiday time on farms than, well, on holiday!

Callum Haseler  – BCVA Rep

Hi, I’m Callum, the BCVA rep for this year, and I’m looking forward to being Cambridge’s contact with the BCVA, including linking with congress and promoting the association within the department. I enjoy spending time with my local farm practice, and have a personal interest in sustainable agriculture and animal welfare which I hope to develop.