Ed Pilkington – President

Hacfavs-edving grown up on a dairy and sheep farm in North Wales, I’ve always naturally had an interest in the farm side of veterinary medicine. Within CFAVS, I’m keen to ensure the talks cover topics that are pertinent within the farm area of the veterinary profession and that will be of use once graduated – likewise with the new clinical skills to be added in the CSC – keep an eye out!


Ellie Drabble – Vice President

I’m cfavs-elliereally interested in farm practice as it offers you the opportunity to integrate many aspects of veterinary. Herd health allows you to impact the health and welfare of animals on a large scale, whilst you also must consider suitability for consumption. I enjoy spending my time outdoors, and chatting away to farmers doesn’t seem like a bad way to spend the day!

Katie Knowles – Secretary

Althcfavs-katieough I don’t come from a farming background, I developed an interest in farm animal medicine when I was doing work experience before vet school. I’m excited to further that interest by being part of the CFAVS Committee and organising as much fun farm-related stuff as possible!


Isobelle Bolton – Treasurer

cfavs-isobelleHello!  I’m Isobelle and I’ve just finished part ii pathology and am very excited to be heading up to the vet school in September!!  I still don’t know where or with which critters I want to work when I am finished, but I really do love cows!  I am looking forward to taking on the role of CFAVS treasurer, although a bit nervous about the responsibility of ordering enough pizza….

Aimee Hesketh – Publicity

Cacfavs-aimee-3rrying out great lambing and dairy placements before uni is where my interest in farm practice began, and I’ve continued to enjoy learning about all aspects of farm animal veterinary medicine since then. Also, growing up in South Wales means I’m used to being surrounded by sheep! I’m really looking forward to being involved in CFAVS this year and am excited about the great talks and practicals that we have got lined up!

Emily Hopgood – Pre-Clinical Rep

Hcfavs-emilyey I’m Emily and I’m a third year at Emma. I’ve loved getting involved in CFAVS events in my pre-clin years, hearing about actual vetty things and getting hands-on has been a big motivator for me when MIMS and MODA all seemed a bit much. I hope as pre-clinical rep this year I can keep the link between CFAVS and the lower years strong, encourage inter-year integration and of course share my love of sheep!

Hannah Rhodes-Cheong – BCVA Rep

cfavs-hannahHello, I’m Hannah your BCVA rep. As many of my fellow CFAVS committee members I absolutely love the farm animal side of veterinary and cannot think of a better way to spend Easter and summer holidays than lambing and calving! Outside of large animal interests I have a black cat and 2 border collies I enjoy training.