About Us

CFAVS (Cambridge Farm Animal Veterinary Society) was started in 2011 by students at Cambridge vet school to help support and encourage students wanting to go into farm animal practice. CFAVS organise talks and practicals to enable farm-orientated vet students to expand their knowledge and practical skills.

CFAVS was the first farm animal society in any of the UK vet schools. Now all the farm societies have combined into the national Farm Animal Veterinary Society (FAVS).  Each year, a FAVS congress is held at one of the British vet schools. In February 2017, it will be held in Liverpool and involve exciting practicals, talks and socials – don’t miss out!

To find out more about who is involved with running CFAVS, see our committee page.

Previous Committees:


President: Hannah Rhodes-Cheong
Vice-President: Lauren Mort
Secretary: Emma Simpson
Treasurer: Jenny Blackburn
Publicity: Tess Hopkins
BCVA Rep: Ben Haythornthwaite
Pre-clin Rep: Lottie Thompson

2016 – 2017
President: Ed Pilkington
Vice President: Ellie Drabble
Secretary: Katie Knowles
Treasurer: Isobelle Bolton
Publicity and Webmaster: Aimee Hesketh
Pre-Clinical Rep.: Emily Hopgood
BCVA Rep.: Hannah Rhodes-Cheong

2015 – 2016
President: Alec Kemp
Vice President: Olivia Franks
Secretary: Rob Hall
Treasurer: Hannah Cairns
Publicity and Webmaster: Rhonda Shiels
Pre-Clinical Rep.: Jade Harding
BCVA Rep.: Harry Williams

2014 – 2015
President: Lucia Burd
Vice President: Mary Tivey
Secretary: Emma Rigby
Treasurer: Louise Pickett
Publicity: Holly Game
Webmaster: Bethany Eastwood
Pre-Clinical Rep.: Ellie Drabble
BCVA Rep.: Becky Howard

2013 – 2014
President: Becky Howard
Vice President: Zoe Hill
Secretary: Charlie Also
Treasurer: Helen Phillips
Publicity: Lizzie Stevens
Webmaster: Katy Syrett
BCVA Rep.: Sam Bowker

2012 – 2013
President: Maedee-Burge Rogers
Vice President: Elizabeth Stevens
Secretary: Andrew Button
Treasurer: David Adams
Publicity: Helen Philips
Webmaster: Katy Syrett
BCVA Rep.: Abigail Johnson

2011 – 2012